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Why Make the Switch to Antenna And
Internet TV Systems?

Broadcast and Antenna Technology has come along way.
In 2009 all broadcast TV was upgraded to digital broadcasts.

Digital TV delivers a very high quality picture with many programs broadcast in High definition.

A broad variety of free broadcast TV channels are available to you for FREE! If internet is available our antenna paired with an Internet TV device, you can receive over 1000 shows with no monthly cable bills.

Our average customer saves between $700-$900 annually by making the switch. Tennavision is currently helping customers save in NY, CT and NJ! Call or email Us today to schedule your free consultation and to learn more!

Apartment / MATV Systems

We provide solutions for obsolete or non-functiong MATV systems.

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The Possibilities Are Endless

When you pair the Internet TV device with the antenna, your choices are endless!

If you have Internet, we highly recommend pairing the two if you enjoy watching movies, TV series, cooking, etc. The antenna can provide you with live television and local TV channels you may not otherwise receive on the internet device, pairing the two leaves you with the best of both worlds. If you aren't sure what would be suitable for your situation, email us today with the channels or programming you enjoy and we can advise on the best options to suit your needs. Our goal is to make you happy while saving you money in the process.

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